Our history

AGMinfo’s roots go back to 2004 when Robert Rinnooy Kan founded the Foundation for Electronic Communication between Issuers and Shareholders (“SECVA”). The purpose of SECVA was to promote the digital communication between listed companies and their (prospective) shareholders. For this purpose the first electronic AGM/EGM calendar was created in 2007. It displayed the essential information for all AGM’s and EGM’s of all issuers listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. The calendar was hosted on the SECVA website where interested shareholders could consult the aggregated information free of charge.

To further develop the electronic AGM calendar into a Pan-European, international tool, AGMinfo was founded on October 7th 2014 by Robert Rinnooy Kan, Willem van Santen and Edmond Rinnooy Kan. Six additional co-founders, participated in AGMinfo through depositary receipts.

To accomplish its goal to become the supplier of choice for AGM related information, SECVA’s electronic calendar was rebranded as AGMinfo with www.agminfo.eu as its primary site. In addition, AGMinfo will be hosted by websites that are owned by relevant third parties such as shareholder associations, asset managers, business media, online brokers etc. Current examples include www.secva.nl, www.veb.net, www.europeaninvestors.eu, www.beleggersagenda.eu and www.betterfinance.eu.

The public function of the calendar - free access to AGM/EGM related information -, as originally propagated by SECVA, still remains in effect on all public websites.