Our proposition

AGMinfo is a new internet application that aggregates Annual General Meeting (AGM) related information of companies that are listed on public stock exchanges. AGMinfo is found on websites of third parties that serve (prospect) investors with financial information. This enables (prospect) shareholders to access on one single site all the AGM information they need from all the companies they have invested in at any time they want. Their inconvenient AGM fact-finding-mission from company website to company website is over. Currently AGMinfo carries the AGM information of some 1500 companies, listed on 27 indices in 14 European countries for a potential audience of 20 million dedicated investors.

Besides providing investors with easy access to AGM information, the AGMinfo application offers listed companies the opportunity to manage and control their AGM information on a European scale. In addition, as an active interface between the company and its (prospective) shareholders, AGMinfo offers a unique opportunity for the company to present its company profile directly to long term investors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The third and last party that can benefit from the AGMinfo services are investor service providers, parties such as shareholder associations, asset managers, business media, online brokers, etc. By embedding AGMinfo into their website they can directly pass on the AGM related information to their clients, members or subscribers together with their own commentary if they wish to do so.    

AGMinfo is a unique internet application that bypasses the cross border barriers to shareholder information. It facilitates the ‘long expected’ free flow of AGM related information on a pan European scale.